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Close Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system that enables you to know in real time and for audit purposes any activity that happened some time back. Through technology every facility can be made safe by making sure that every corner of the facility is seen from one central place.

Managing movement of people is very important in an office setting for security purposes. Access control system allows personnel who are allowed to enter particular areas and denies the rest who are not. Access control also helps to audit incidents and mitigate theft.

We supply and install some of the best brands in the market with over one year guarantee. Automatic gate control system together with access control will greatly increase your convenience and security of your home. You will be able to open and close your main gate from the comfort of your sitting room.

Real time GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking: Get real-time information when you need it from anywhere in the world, on your phone, online, on your desktop

Improve efficiency and utilization of your vehicles: Get accurate information on exactly how your vehicles are being utilized

Electric fence installation guarantees our clients against any intrusions into their private property. There are many types of electric fences in the market depending on their use during installation. We can install for both domestic use or for keeping wild animals away.