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Guarding is one of our largest departments with a huge manpower serving our clients all over the country. Guards are well vetted, trained and kitted before being deployed to protect our clients and their properties. The vetting and training process takes approximately eight (8) weeks. This is then followed with induction and kitting where the guards are provided with uniforms and equipment’s necessary for their work.
During this period of training the key topics covered include; public relations, Guard responsibilities and assignment instructions, Crime detection, fire, first aid, client relationship and martial arts.
At Secureman Services Ltd in order to monitor our guards efficiency and customer satisfaction, we carry out random checks and supervision to ensure customer satisfaction and mitigate any potential security breaches. This modus operandi will eradicate laxity from our security personnel and will act as a pre-empt security measure which is imperative in all contemporary Security Agencies.


To be able to serve our clients effectively and where it is necessary to work with trained security dogs, we have a huge pool of highly trained dogs. Whether for sniffing purposes or general security our team is up to the task of keeping our clients safe.


We have invested in the latest technology transmitters to assist our clients to be aware whenever the alarm is triggered. The client receives a message to their mobile phones whenever the alarm is triggered as our crew responds within the shortest time.
Alarm back up services has in the recent past become a pre-requisite for every home or office we secure. The need for security alarm back in case of emergencies cannot be underestimated and therefore important to install this very important facility. The alarm back up technology has indeed been well accepted by most homes and corporate institutions as no one knows when the bad boys strike and you need back up within the shortest time possible.


Our messengers are highly trained as riders on safety and client confidentiality of document handling.

We dedicate one rider plus a motorbike at any one time but train an extra rider incase the regular rider is not available or the motorbike breaks down to serve our valued clients.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing this service from us include;
• Cutting down on payroll costs.
• No investment on purchase of motor bicycle.
• No insurance costs on the motorbike and rider.
• No service costs as this is catered for in the contract in case of breakdown and regular services.
• There is an extra motorbike in case of breakdown.
• We take care of employee benefits and insurance under WIBA & personal accident.
• We train two dedicated messengers to serve you at any one time. No time wasted on service delivery because the regular rider is not available.
• We take care of parking fees by the county council as required and any adverting that may be needed.
• We monitor how our rider operates throughout the day by use of tracking services.
• We also give daily or weekly reports on how the rider served you as our esteemed client.


No one can underestimate the need for a clean environment. Cleaning and facilities management are therefore not the core business for most organizations and therefore the need for professionals who have the knowhow and manpower to do the job.
We have therefore trained manpower in housekeeping and maintenance to be able to keep your environment clean as you do your core business.


Can you imagine your receptionist is also trained to secure your working place? We have trained tens and tens of receptionists to be able to serve you at your entrance and also keep vigil of the surrounding to totally keep you safe.
The men and women shortlisted to serve in this capacity must have a background training in secretarial as we undertake security training before engaging them.
The drivers on the other hand must produce certificate of competency from AA apart from the driving license and as well undergo mandatory security protection training.