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Close Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system that enables you to know in real time and for audit purposes any activity that happened some time back. Through technology every facility can be made safe by making sure that every corner of the facility is seen from one central place. We are available to look at your needs to be able to provide sound advice and be able to quote for installation and management.
We undertake to manage our clients CCTV systems remotely to reduce on their control room personnel and installation costs at a fee and provide daily reports on incidents and CCTV status. The security of our clients is therefore guaranteed in case of a terrorism incident as the command centre is outside the clients premises.


Managing movement of people is very important in an office setting for security purposes. Access control system allows personnel who are allowed to enter particular areas and denies the rest who are not. Access control also helps to audit incidents and mitigate theft.
For managers who don’t report to the office on a daily basis, access control helps audit your employees reporting time and leaving time and for payroll purposes.


We supply and install some of the best brands in the market with over one year guarantee.
Automatic gate control system together with access control will greatly increase your convenience and security of your home. You will be able to open and close your main gate from the comfort of your sitting room.


Electric fence installation guarantees our clients against any intrusions into their private property. There are many types of electric fences in the market depending on their use during installation. We can install for both domestic use or for keeping wild animals away.
Many times electric fences are installed together with a razor wire. The precaution is that in case the fence is not working the client is not completely exposed. Electric fences are easy to install, safe from harming someone, durable and indeed very economical.


Real time GPS/GPRS/Satellite Tracking: Get real-time information when you need it from anywhere in the world, on your phone, online, on your desktop
Improve efficiency and utilization of your vehicles: Get accurate information on exactly how your vehicles are being utilized
Enhance safety and security of your operation: Get live information when your assets are misused, abused or their security compromised
Why choose our tracking solutions;
• Very affordable annual fee
• Quality tracking devices
• 24 hour dedicated client support team
• Sound advice on changing tracking technologies
• Over ten years’ experience in serving our clients
• Partnered with the best worldwide tracking companies to make us one stop shop for our clients
• Over ten years’ experience in the industry
• One year warranty of the tracking device
• Professional workmanship by our technicians
• Continuous research to give our clients the best of new technologies